Sleep – a Luxury?


In all these years that people have been living on this earth, who would of thought out of all the things on earth, that SLEEP is a luxury. Yes, “luxury” is most commonly used to define an expensive item, something hard to get, or a pleasurable self-indulgent activity… but I believe sleep is most definitely a luxury, and if you disagree I am simply going to assume that you are one of the many lucky people on this earth that get a great sleep most nights.

     People will do absolutely anything to get a good nights sleep, and I mean ANYTHING. It starts with home remedies which only few work if your sleeping problem is a minor case. If those don’t work then you could start smoking weed to fall asleep at night which (depending on the person) could work. If It works, you will continue to buy weed all the time.. you solved your sleeping problem so why not keep buying what helps – eventually costing thousands overtime. If it doesn’t help, Alcohol may pop up and you start drinking a bit at night to fall asleep. If this works, you will continue to waste money on alcohol until you wake up with a hangover, just as tired as before, or your body starts making it harder to get a little buzz.. eventually killing your liver day by day. So some people start going to a sleep specialist which could cost thousands upon thousands. Therefore if you have a sleeping problem, money buys what you need to sleep and you wont stop buying what you need. Essentially costing thousands per year which most aren’t fortunate enough to get.. making sleep a luxury.

  In other ways than other than money wise, sleep is a luxury. A luxury is something hard to get. 40% of Americans suffer from a chronic sleeping disorder. 48% of Americans suffer from occasional insomnia. If you aren’t in that 48% or the 40% than you are very lucky for this luxury. 90% of Americans believed that sleep is important for their happiness. 


So.. Is sleep a luxury?


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