Occasional Day Dream – regret

02:03.. I was awake laying in bed with my eyes fully open. I was having a very vivid “day dream” or thought about me sleeping and going back into time to relive scenario’s of my past.

I was able to change what happened in my past and make it better with the knowledge I have now – which is awesome. The weird part about this was, I was only able to access this other world when I was asleep. Before I woke up to present day, Id have to find a safe place to sleep so no one could hurt me..?

I didn’t understand what was going on but all I know is, if this were be to real and I could do this, my brain would essentially be fried. Thinking all day in present day, than working your brain overtime to be in this fantasy world.

I believe I came across this day dream because of my recent thoughts of regret. Life is tough as you get older and If I had just tried a little harder, Id be a lot better off today.

– Work hard in school. It is the easiest obstacle in your way.


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