WOW, shits been fucked.. actually its been a long time.. Ive been hanging around, still in school LOOL.. kushin’ WAAY to much, but doing good 🙂 So what brought me back here is, I want to get educated on some really cool stuff.. but odd stuff. Im wanting to research tribes that do witchcraft and CRAZY shit like that 😮

recently ive been researching psychedelia and just trippy stuff.. 0.o  i guess I just wanna see some trippy shit.. ,my view of the world is very fucked up and I feel like I just want to see the most corrupt shit on the earth..(other than MERICA)

So if anyone knows ANYTHING of what im trying to say right now. WRITE

“no edit”

“What’s good good? and whats good evil? – Chance The Rapper”


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