Reefer Party




“I feel high? I don’t know how high feels? How do you explain the word high? Describe it? LOL its just weird as fuck. I feel very chill.. I seem to always lay in a very uncomfortable position, then wait for it to get sore enough bcs I cant feel it, then move.. Wtf. I also have visions of what NOT to do which is actually very helpful so I don’t act like a fool! Blinking.. I tend not to blink much either! “



MARIJUANA = Bad Decisions?


People these days seem to think that somehow marijuana makes teens make bad decisions such as, skipping class, spending money, being rude, ditching homework and on-forth. If you believe this you’re just as stupid as these people.

You go and get high before class then decide to skip the class.. This person is just irresponsible whether he smokes weed or not! The weed doesn’t say “hey, lets skip this class because Im a bad influence.” Nonono, you were a lazy irresponsible bastard to begin with, then decided to smoke weed on top of that. It is the same thing if you drop out of school because you’re a “pot head.” You dropped out because you’re an idiot and are to lazy to go to school, not because you’re a pot head.

Ive grown up with kids who were coke heads and had 90s in my law class and are now in top Universities. Ive also seen potheads who are were dropouts. The thing is that university kids who do drugs, were already smart and smoking weed but continued to keep their life on track. You CAN do drugs, & get good grades.. No one says you can’t. Its just social media and tv that show drop out druggies all in one. Never do they show a druggy smart kid??

The biggest thing is, these kids who drop out had to start somewhere. They didn’t all of a sudden wake up and say “fuck school and my grades.” They already would’ve had to of had a negative approach towards school. You don’t stop doing something because you like it..? They’re just lazy as fuck and don’t care to begin with.

Stop blaming it on Marijuana.. Its your lazy children.


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